Give It Up

It’s easy to trust easy chairs. You ease, flop, or drop into the cozy stuffing without worrying about much from this living room throne. It’s a chair, and it does what it’s supposed to do. You trust it to be comfortable and there.

Rarely do we trust God like that, though.

We say we do, of course, but we live like we don’t. God says to help others, and we do—when we have a bit extra to give. But we rarely suffer or give something up to do so. We meet our own needs first, and then we see what’s left in the bottom of our pockets for the family living in a tent by the interstate (and, yeah, they live there).

Jesus healed on the way to healing, saved when He was exhausted, and made a sizable blood donation. He didn’t give the leftovers; He gave it all. We may not be Him, but we are supposed to be like Him.

If you’ve received a call, did you count the cost, consider it too high, and find something else to do? Jesus left no room for shuffling after Him at our own pace, traipsing along as we wish. Not even if the excuse sounds great to others.

Give it up—whatever has been holding you back from the call—even if it hurts. Only then can you honestly say, “To live is Christ.”


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