Bumper Stickers

I argue with bumper stickers. Well, I suppose you could say that it’s more of an internal debate, but the main issue I have is the seemingly smarmy way a huge issue is boiled down to a single phrase or sentence. The variables get in the way.

Today, however, while trekking home, I came across a cracked white strip with faded red letters, and I simply agreed. Granted, I did not agree in the way the clever writer intended for me to do so. But that’s half the fun.

The single rusted pickup truck in a field of Yarises (Yarii?) proudly displayed:

God is too BIG for ONE religion.

I would change that slightly, I think, to say:

God is too BIG for ANY religion.

Jesus didn’t come to bring religion—the Pharisees had the market cornered. He came to bring freedom through His life, death, and resurrection. He asked us to follow Him, keep His Word tucked away inside our heads, and even travel with some pretty great people in His church.

The writer—and displayer—of the bumper sticker have gotten one key point: God’s bigger than religion. He’s also the only One who can solve our religious problem, our futile attempts to get back to Him on our own. Fixing that problem takes a pretty awesome God doing something pretty amazing. (Yeah, that’s an understatement.)

I pray the person in the pick up realizes they only have so much time to meet this God who’s bigger than religion. The bumper sticker by itself won’t do.


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