Did Somebody Say “Vision”?

I hate biting my cheek. When I do, I get that lump in the side of my mouth, which I inevitably crunch again and again with my molars. I’ll carefully chew through my granola at breakfast, only to hit that stubborn bump again at lunch.

So, would it be a stretch to say that biting my cheek is like vision? Probably, but here’s how that works:

  1. Vision gets in the way. We have plans. We have our desires to do something in our own names. But when God sends vision, it gets in the way of our status quo. Breaking through the boundaries is exactly why God sends vision.
  2. Vision hurts. Giving up on the plans we have for ourselves is a painful process, but that’s only because we cling so tightly to what we think is best for our lives. It’s not, but we cling stubbornly. God is the potter. Would the clay talk back to the potter?
  3. Vision won’t go away. If it’s from God, it sticks. You can chew around it and hope it goes away, but God confronts you with it. The new things? Those belong to Him, after all.

Jonah got a vision to do something amazing. He ran and ended up bitter. Embrace what God calls you to do and do that thing with all your might.


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